Birthday Sex – (ASMR)

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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) I walk into the room and close it behind me. Your friends got you a surprise birthday gift from yours truly. You just got out of the shower and I am going to have my way with you before we go out on the town for some birthday shots.   […]

Premium SnapChat – $50 Lifetime

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Get a lifetime pass to my “premium” SnapChat account.  I send out sexy little stories during the week for your viewing pleasure.  The premium account is risqué and is only for paying customers.  Because I don’t have enough time in my day to correspond with everyone, the premium account is more interactive and you get […]

Sext Me 24/7 – $2

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Don’t want to call me. Are you shy? Maybe you like just sending naughty textes and dirty pictures. I am ready if you are. I love to “sext” because we can do that at any time at your convenience. What better way to catch me 24/7, especially when I am not taking voice calls.  You […]

Drunk Dial Me – $3.99 min

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Are you lonely and need a drinking buddy tonight? I am the perfect person to call if you need a phone companion for the festivities. I won’t judge you and I will have a drink with you. You won’t be a burden on your friends and the only thing you might regret in the morning […]