Rebecca Love Phone Sex

Free Gift – Rebecca Love’s Voice

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Here is a sample of my voice and what you are going to hear when we have our first phone session.  Are you curious what my voice sounds like?  Want to know what we might talk about?  Just give this a quick listen and I will greet you with open legs. – Rebecca Love


Threesome Devil’s Tryst – Audio Erotica

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You and I will have a threesome with a girl named, Sara. We will take control while using you as our sex toy. You will be smothered and covered by two girls in this devil’s tryst. Enjoy the ride because we will be taking advantage of your body until the final explosion.   Sample of […]


Birthday Sex – (ASMR)

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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) I walk into the room and close it behind me. Your friends got you a surprise birthday gift from yours truly. You just got out of the shower and I am going to have my way with you before we go out on the town for some birthday shots.   […]

Camera 005

Between My Tits – Audio Erotica

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You are going to listen to my voice and lay back on the bed while I tell you a story about me titty fucking you and how I love it so much. I am really good at giving a professional titty fuck service with your hands, my DD’s and a little of that lube for […]


Premium SnapChat – $50 Lifetime

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Get a lifetime pass to my “premium” SnapChat account.  I send out sexy little stories during the week for your viewing pleasure.  The premium account is risqué and is only for paying customers.  Because I don’t have enough time in my day to correspond with everyone, the premium account is more interactive and you get […]


Sext Me 24/7 – $2

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Don’t want to call me. Are you shy? Maybe you like just sending naughty textes and dirty pictures. I am ready if you are. I love to “sext” because we can do that at any time at your convenience. What better way to catch me 24/7, especially when I am not taking voice calls.  You […]


Drunk Dial Me – $3.99 min

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Are you lonely and need a drinking buddy tonight? I am the perfect person to call if you need a phone companion for the festivities. I won’t judge you and I will have a drink with you. You won’t be a burden on your friends and the only thing you might regret in the morning […]


Quickie Sex – Audio Erotica

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This is a “quickie” no time for introductions. I am going to ravish your body and making you my personal playground. I will take you and just give you pure satisfaction while throwing you to the ground and pouncing on top of you. Let’s not worry about the formalities and go straight to fucking. – […]


Blowjob from Rebecca Love – Audio Erotica

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I will crawl up between your legs and bury my face in your lap while my tits keep you nuts nice and warm. All you have to do is push my head down and make me gag on your hard cock. So, are you ready for that blowjob?   Sample of the Recording